An advertisement has the power of Hypnotism like Music of Pied Piper, Illusion of a Magician, Colors of an Artist and Connection like that of a Fakir with his God.

It creates an Urge or in other words Aspire us to take any action towards Product / Service Advertised.

We at Tirupati Balaji Advertising & Marketing understands the science and art of Advertising in depth. For us, every creative is not just an out of box design but apparently, it’s a tool to communicate. Best of designs if not communicative, is a failure.

Mathematics of Campaign is our other tool to make your investment work for you. Every penny invested by the client is like a seed sown today which needs a nourishment of specialist. We do not bet while making budgets but invest post a complete analytical study of you, your target and Medium. An advertising strategy should support the marketing plan, which in turn supports the company business plan.

  • We Offer Following Services
        > Digital & News Paper Advertising.
        > Design & Printing Work.
        > Website developement.
        > Search Engine Optimization.
        > OUTDOOR Advertising
        > Electronic & Radio Advertising.

Something most important and something mostly missed by everyone is answers of 5 Ws and 1 H. With us, you can rest assured.


The success story of this group is written in phrases and phrases. Group Tirupati Balaji Advertising & Marketing includes few companies with diversified and individual specializations. Following are the gems of our crown :


  1. Tirupati Balaji Advertising & Marketing is the creative hand of all companies and deals in Advertisement booking for : 
    1. Dainik Jagran
    2. Deccan Chronicles
    3. Amar Ujala
    4. Dilli Aaj Tak
    5. Zee Malaya Manorama
  1. Deals in Advertisement booking specially for Hindustan Times and act as ' HT AUTHORISED CLASSIFIED CENTRE'
  1. Deals in Advertisement booking specially for Times of India and act as ' TIMES OF INDIA AUTHORISED CLASSIFIED CENTRE'
  1. Deals in Outdoor Advertisements, Banners, Hoardings and Event Management wing of the company.
  1. The Publication Division of Group with already launched Weekly Newspapers.